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About Us

I was a child when I first experienced a famous Greek hospitality.  While visiting Greece in 1968, my mother met the Greek fisherman who would become my stepfather. We moved to join him in Greece in 1972.


My husband, Theodoros (which means “A gift from God”) arrived on the island of Lesvos in 1985.  Theo was captivated by the island and enchanted by my family: my artist mother, my fisherman father, and my four charming sisters!

After growing up here and making a career in the tourism industry and travelling around most of the Greek islands, I feel confident in saying that Lesvos is truly a unique island.  It is exceptionally beautiful and can cater to everyone’s interests.

We love our island - our home where we have built a life together and raised our three lovely children - and it is our desire to provide true Greek hospitality to all who feel drawn to experience Lesvos for themselves.  

Whether we are serving you meze (tapas) of Greek cuisine at our harbour-side restaurant, The Captain’s Table, helping you arrange the holiday of your dreams, or handing you the keys to a character-filled, convenient self-catering accommodation, we want you to experience that magic of Greece that will make your holiday unforgettable.

Thank you and enjoy your stay!


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