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The Captain’s Table has been serving authentic, flavorsome Greek cuisine to all those visiting the village of Molyvos since 1994.




Established by Melinda and Theo, and situated on the picturesque harbour, The Captain’s Table is the perfect place to sample traditional Mediterranean mezedes. With over 60 different dishes one can experience a variety of tastes from fresh, locally caught seafood, delicious meat plates, vegetarian, and even many vegan dishes. Fishermen bring their catch to the restaurant each day: from gavros pastes (anchovies) to octopus, and mussels, to salted mackerel, enjoy the taste of the Aegean whilst gazing out to the sleepy fishing boats swaying beyond your table.


Meet our family...

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Melinda and Theo prepare all the food in-house, taking pride in each meal and preparing everything to the highest quality. Catering to the varied tastes of all those who stop by the restaurant, The Captain’s Table offers a wide selection of both Greek and international dishes, soaking in the flavors of the island to create an experience visitors won’t forget.


“ food in Lesvos, by far!”


Looking forward to meeting you!


So if you’re visiting Molyvos this year, indulge in an atmosphere like no other by taking a stroll down to the harbor where the excited hum of diners floats above lapping waves. And, nestled amongst the bustling taverns is The Captain’s Table, where a warm, Greek welcome will always await you.

Book your table, or get more information here: (+30) 694 412 1297



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