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For the sun worshippers, the sea swimmers, and those in search of secluded island spots- Lesvos has it all. Explore the coastline and discover beaches to suit everyone's tastes.


  • Charamida beach is a cultivated beach with small pebbles and diving facilities.

  • Agios Ermogenis the perfect image of the beach that ‘Mamma Mia’ could have been filmed in. A sandy bay with crystal clear seawater and a beautiful chapel. 

  • Tarti beach is a wide sandy beach with clear waters along the Southeast coast, close to the Gulf of Gera. There are sunbeds and a few tavernas

  • Agios Isidoros is a white pebbled beach close to Plomari with café’s, restaurants and other tourist facilities close at hand.

  • Melinta is well-known for the colourful mineral stones which line the beach. Several tavernas can be found dotted along the stretch of coastline.

  • Drota beach is only reachable by dirt road from Akrasi. It is covered by white and black pebbles and there is one taverna behind the beach.

  • Vatera is Lesvos' longest beach, reaching 8 kilometres. The beach attracts many local tourists in the summer with its sunbeds, tavernas, and beach-side bars. 

  • You will find Nifida beach along the coast of the Gulf of Kalloni, south of Polichnitos. It is a sandy beach with shallow and warm seawater, ideal for families with children.


Melinta beach


  • Skala Kallonis is a cosy fishing village with an attractive shallow sandy beach.

  • Chroussos and Podaras are both attractive sand beaches in the area of Mesotopos, ideal for those seeking seclusion.

  • Skala Eressou is a 2.5 kilometre long beach that consists of grey sand. At the far end, a holiday resort offers watersport facilities to their guests, whilst other parts of the beach are used by modern hippies and adventurers for ‘wild camping’ purposes.

  • Sigri beach is a narrow sandy beach behind the village centre, mostly used by locals. The water is clear and fresh and there are showers available.

  • Faneromeni is a beautiful beach with very small pebbles and amazing rock formations around it. It lies a few kilometres from Sigri.

  • Kambos beach is a long, sandy beach, popular because of the different levels of water which can create fun waves created by the Northwind.

  • Kalo Limani, with its beautiful sand and tiny harbour, attracts the locals of nearby Skalochori. There are two tavernas available.


  • Molyvos beach is a pebbled beach located in the village. Sunbeds are available.

  • Psiriara beach (the continuation of Molyvos beach) is a sandy beach behind Delfinia Hotel, just outside the village. The far end is also used by nudists.

  • Eftalou beach is a long stretch of pebbled beaches with deep, cool waters. Along the coast, you will also find the hot springs of Eftalou. further along this beach one can also feel free to be a nudist  

  • Petra beach is a long sandy beach with sunbeds, bars, and restaurants.

  • Anaxos is a cultivated long, sandy beach that is ideal for families: water sports facilities, bars, and restaurants are available.

  • Ambelia beach lies just further along from Anaxos and offers sand, stones, and a taverna. Popular with the locals, just a few sunbeds available.

  • Kagia beach is a pebbled beach next to the fishing harbour of Skala Sikaminias with a few excellent tavernas

  • Tsonia is a volcanic beach with red sand reachable from Kleio village, with a few good tavernas.

  • Kamila beach, better known as ‘Golden Sand’, is a Caribbean-style beach, located south of Mantamados, along the dirt road between Aspropotamos and Palios. It has white sand, blue-green shallow sea waters, but no facilities. There are no signs to show the way towards the beach: locals know how to find it.

  • Skala Mystegnon beach consists of white pebbles, crystal clear water, and several tavernas just a few steps away from the beach.

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