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Create your own Tour

Do you have a specific idea or special wish? Let us create a tailor-made trip for you. By foot, by car, by bicycle, or by boat. To the North, the East, the South, or the West. Island hopping, sightseeing, adventures in nature, geological tours. Guided in the language you prefer.


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Experience Lesvos on Horseback

With an abundance of wild trails and paths to trek along, you can experience the mountainous areas of the island, the valleys and forests, and the beaches that are scattered along the coastline- all by horseback. A unique way to explore what Lesvos has to offer.


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Join a Local Fisherman

Local fisherman Mitsos invites you to join him on his fishing boat as he works with his nets in the Aegean Sea. The fishing expeditions start from the harbor of Petra


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Dive into History and Beauty

Diving in Lesvos Island waters is a truly magnificent experience; it’s something like diving through a historic museum of the earth and humanity.
Explore the creation of the Aegean Sea and the land by diving through sceneries of lava formed 20 million years ago, together with ancient Greek culture lying preserved underwater for more than 2500 years.

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Experience the Island on Foot

A perfect way to enjoy the beauty and variety of Lesvos’ nature is hiking. Of course, you can explore the island on foot on your own, but our local guide already picked out the most beautiful treks for you. In every area, tailor-made, according to your wishes.


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Sail the Aegean Sea

Step aboard and enjoy an unforgettable sailing trip in the Aegean. Spend your time swimming in crystal blue waters, snorkeling, fishing, or simply relaxing under the Greek sun as you admire the island by sea.

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Explore the Greek Kitchen

Do you want to master the art of cooking authentic Greek cuisine? Using fresh, local ingredients from the island, immerse yourself in a Greek kitchen and learn how to make dishes like a local.


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