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Grand View Houses

Situated in the quaint Greek village of Molyvos on the northernmost tip of Lesvos Island. The 3 houses are cleverly designed to create authentic Greek homes whilst also including all the latest modern conveniences so one can experience the best of both worlds. 

The Grand View properties are two buildings, one with two semi-detached houses: Grand View Afrodite (two bedrooms),Grand View Rhea (one bedroom), and Grand View Kimon which  stands alone  . Each has a separate entrance and private secluded balconies.

Every room has a spectacular view:either pointing towards the mountainous regions of Lesvos,or the great sweeping views of the north Aegean Sea and the bay of Molyvos. There are also views of the castle and village from the front veranda. A postcard in real life. 

We are ecologically aware. Whilst  constructing and running each of the 3 houses, we have done our utmost to take into consideration and abide by all green issues. The houses are fitted with coco mat mattresses, sheets, and towels. Last but not least, all the houses benefit from a communal barbeque area equipped with a large grill.


For those who want an upmarket holiday in a self-catered villa, the Grand View houses are ideal.

Captain's View

The restoration of our wonderful house in the picturesque village of Molyvos was a labour of love. We take pride in the fine balance between traditional and modern conveniences that the Captain’s View boosts, and the heartfelt responses we have received by those who have chosen to stay here. The first people to rent the house originally planned to stay only for one week.  They very swiftly amended their return flight tickets and remained in situ for another three weeks!


The house is located in the heart of the village, partway down the hillside that is surmounted by a fine Byzantine castle.


Captain's View

Breathtaking panoramic views of the bay from this charming stone-built cottage. Accommodates  4-6 people



Kyparissis Beach House

Few places in Greece have the kind of view that the beach house offers; a tiny, picturesque fishing harbour lies to the left of the house, and in the horizon directly in front of your door are the straits of Toukmakia and the purple hills of Turkey. Simply open your front door and walk straight out on to the beach at magical Skala Mystegna where white pebbles line the secluded shoreline and crystal blue waters sparkle in the Greek sunshine.


Kyparissis Beach House

Relax and enjoy pure Greek tranquillity during your stay at the beach house.

 Accommodates  4-6 people



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